When your main purpose is to generate energy, you don't want to spoil any. Working nonstop, power plants rely extremely on materials and components that are maintenance friendly and designed for working under these heavy circumstances. Because of the proven success of the Blygold formula, many heat exchangers in the cooling equipment of power plants are treated with our special products. This can be our world famous Polual XT, or our Polual High temp coating, designed for heat exchangers that have to work in temperatures up to 600*C.

Blygold is the first choice when it comes to corrosion protection on heat exchangers for the biggest (mobile) power plant manufacturers in the world.

Guam, Micronesia
650 MW Powerplant
650 MW Powerplant
Cairo, Egypt

Case Study

Blygold is proud to protect the power plants at Stanwell Power Station, Australia.


  • Energy savings up to 20%
  • Extends the lifetime of the climate system
  • Prevents breakdown of the climate system
  • Treatment costs can be recovered in 1 year
  • Also VOC free and Waterbased HVAC coatings available 

some of our projects

Cleaning and coating of 3 chillers on location and after installation at Stanwell Power Station, QLD, Australia. Total treated finned surface: 10.515m2 . 

Cleaning, deoxidation and coating of 20 dry coolers on location, after installation at Limbe Power Station, Cameroon. Total treated heat exchange surface: 74.540m2 .

10 airfin banks treated at the facility of Blygold Netherlands for Nederlandse Gasunie,The Netherlands . Total treated finned surface: 46.550m2 . 

A selection of Clients

  • Hyundai Heavy Industries
  • Alfa Laval
  • STX Corporation
  • AR Industrial
  • Doosan Heavy Industries  
  • Wärtsila

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